About SOV

Sovereign Systems (SOV) is a maverick and cutting edge wealth building company that was created to provide a vehicle, Micro EquityTM , for low to moderate income people to participate in creating businesses in the core areas of energy, food, transportation, banking & finance, medical care, and technology.

Micro EquityTM is a new way of growing wealth in a global economy by leveraging small amounts of investments to build wealth among all people.

SOV also provides “expertise through experience” on authentic team building, genuine leadership, stakeholder engagement, collective problem-solving, systems change,  “deep-dive” dialogues, innovation incubation and transformational processes to the following organizations:

sports teams;

city, county, regional and state government;

non-profit and for-profit organizations;

small and large businesses;

regional economic development corporations;

K-12 educational institutions;

colleges and universities;

and civic organizations.

Learn how SOV can help your business or organization here.

SOV’s mission is to help create sovereignty in the lives of people.  We believe that all people can experience sovereignty in their lives and meaningfully participate in the ownership of the America dream.


Sovereign Systems

525 N 4th Street

Mankato, MN 56001

Telephone: 507.556.7107